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July 15, 2010,
BP Suits Top 300 on Claims by Workers, Mall, Sheriff

Delta Fare Sale to Fill Jets in Autumn Beats Rivals

AMD Sales Beat Analysts’ Estimates on Rebound in PC Spending

Crude Oil Declines on Signals of Slowing U.S. Economic Growth

Google Second Quarter Profit Misses Estimates as Spending Rises

Treasury Two-Year Yield Drops to Record Low on Slowdown Concern

Junio 28, 2010
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Junio 21, 2010
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Junio 14, 2010
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Junio 7, 2010
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Mayo 31, 2010
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Mayo 24, 2010
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Mayo 17, 2010
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Mayo 10, 2010
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Mayo 3, 2010
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Abril 26, 2010
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Abril 25, 2010
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Abril 19, 2010
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Abril 12, 2010
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Abril 5, 2010
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Marzo 22 y 29, 2010
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Marzo 15, 2010
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Marzo 8, 2010
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Marzo 1, 2010
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Febrero 22, 2010
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Febrero 15, 2010
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Febrero 1-8, 2010
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Enero 25, 2010
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Enero 18, 2010
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Enero 11, 2010
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Diciembre 28 2009
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2010 Investment OutlookAdvice for next year: Go global
Podcast: Behind the Story

Sunny, with a Chance of RelapseStrong growth or tepid bounceback? Economists ring in 2010
Plus: Michael Hartnett: My Favorite Indicator

Emerging Market Blue Chips
A way to invest in emerging markets is to focus on companies that are growing rapidly, have sustainable business models, and are industry leaders

Plus: Sarah Ketterer: My Favorite Indicator

Diciembre 21 2009
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Can KKR Make Like Berkshire Hathaway?

Henry Kravis and George Roberts built their private equity giant on swashbuckling deals. Now they want a more diversified firm that can finance its own—the way Warren Buffett does

Plus: How to Play It: KKRPodcast: Behind the Story

A Hole in Health-Care Reform
Overbilling by medical-equipment suppliers, device makers, and drug companies has cost taxpayers billions. New legislation will do little to stem the tide

Plus: Policing Corporations

Why Tech Bows to Best Buy
As the last major electronics retailer standing, the chain has unparalleled clout. And CEO Brian Dunn means to use it, shaping technologies and helping to develop products

Plus: Best Buy's Big Bets

Diciembre 14 2009
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Why Dubai Matters
Sure, it will pay a hefty price for its debt woes. But the city-state's open economy has attracted legions of foreign investors and serves as a model for its Gulf neighbors

Beware Social Media Snake Oil

Hordes of marketing "experts" are promoting the value of wikis, social networks, and blogs. All the hype may obscure the real potential of these online tools

Special Report: Copenhagen Summit 2009

Business will be on hand in Copenhagen to help shape climate policy—and sell their green products

Diciembre 07 2009
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Look Who's Stalking Wal-Mart
Target is increasingly going downmarket to get through the consumer recession. But can it ape its rival and retain its cachet?

How to Play It: The Selling Season
Podcast: Behind the Story

Obama's Big Gov SWAT Team
How a small cadre of technocrats is trying to make government more efficient

Land Rush in Africa
Agribusiness and global investors are scooping up farmland. Are corporate farmers the new colonialists?

Plus: Dominion Farms' response to this BusinessWeek article
Noviembre 30 2009
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Wall Street Plays Hardball
Taxpayers are taking another hit as strapped local governments fork over billions in fees on investments gone bad

Podcast: Behind the Story

These Men Could Kill SarbOx
Two tenacious Washington lawyers have the Sarbanes-Oxley Act in their sights—and they just might take it down

Plus: The Making of Two Anti-Reg Bulldogs

Healing Chile's Malaise
Despite decades of economic growth, average citizens are dissatisfied—and want better schools and more opportunities
Noviembre 23 2009
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10 Ways to Cut Health-Care Costs Right Now
Employers and hospitals don't have to wait for Congress to address inefficiencies and waste

Slide Show: How Hospitals Can Slash Costs
Podcast: Why Wait for Health Reform?

Taiwan's New Tech Dreams
As the PC business declines, Taiwan's top tech players are shifting out of low-margin businesses and into smartphones, solar-power chips, and beyond

Plus: How to Play It: Tech in Taiwan

Innovation in a Downturn
History shows that hard times provide fertile ground for the true innovators, and this year is no exception
Octubre 12 2009
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Can Google Stay on Top of the Web?
As Bing, Facebook, Twitter, and less well-known upstarts nip at its heels, Google has hundreds of wizards racing to come up with smarter answers

Slide Show: Meet Google's Hottest Tools
Plus: The Perfect Answer
Plus: Threats on the Horizon

Turkey's Shift to a More Open Economy
Applying for EU membership has sped up reforms, and that has helped the country weather the current crisis

America's High-Tech Sweatshops
U.S. companies may be contributing unwittingly to the exploitation of workers imported from India and elsewhere by tech-services outfits

Plus: Inside the Sweatshops
Plus: How the System Works
Octubre 05 2009

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Searching for True North
Investing gauges are broken, market signals are mixed, and money managers don't know where to turn. What exactly is the "new normal"?

Podcast: Behind the Story
Plus: How to Play It: The New Normal

The Peril and Promise of Investing in Russia
It's still risky, but for global corporations, the country is simply too big—and too rich—to ignore

Plus: How to Play It: Russia

Change By Design
In his new book, the CEO of design shop IDEO shows how even hospitals can transform the way they work by tapping frontline staff to engineer change

Podcast: Business Should Think Like Designers
Septiembre 28 2009
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100 Best Global Brands
As buyers rethink their loyalties, companies are trying to adapt their marketing. Some have done it well. Many more haven't

Financial Innovation Under Fire
Can we protect consumers and still be creative?

Plus: Regulating Financial Innovation: Three Views

How Real Is the Rally in Real Estate Bonds?
Companies are jumping back into mortgage securities, but they may regret their moves

Plus: How to Play It: Real Estates
Septiembre 21 2009
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Top Stories
Glock's Secret Path to Profits
It's the largest supplier of handguns to law enforcement in the U.S. But behind its success lies a troubling tale of business intrigue

Plus: Timeline: A Gunmaker's Progress

Plus: Glock Pistol Used by Police Raised Safety Issues

Can the Future Be Built in America?
The manufacturing exodus from the U.S. is accelerating, but smarter tax policies, low-cost loans, and industrial zones may help keep factories at home

Plus: Losing Out on Flexible Displays

Oracle Has Customers Over a Barrel
As CEO Ellison tries to extend the company's reach into hardware, more corporate clients fret about its high prices and tough tactics

Plus: How to Play It: Technology M&A
Septiembre 14 2009
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Top Stories
The Best Places to Launch a Career
Graduates lucky enough to land a job may find the prospect of responsibility and rapid advancement surprisingly strong. But don't count on bigger salaries.

What BP's New Oil Strike Means
A vast discovery in the Gulf of Mexico is the latest sign of success in a high-risk, high-reward strategy

The Return of Capital Spending
Companies that stopped capital outlays look to be starting them again, and that's a key component to global recovery

How to Play It: Capital Spending
Septiembre 07 2009
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Top Stories
A Radical Rethink of R&D
It's a new world of collaboration across companies and nations.

IBM is launching a major new experiment, while

Microsoft keeps dreaming big.
The question is whether anyone can come up with the breakthroughs to create millions of new jobs

Plus: How to Play It: Betting on Tech

The Most Powerful Banker You've Never Heard of
Lewis Kaden is the ultimate behind-the-scenes power player. Lobbying the White House for Citi may be his biggest role yet

Plus: Lewis Kaden: Adviser for Hire

Plus: Bio: Lewis Kaden

CEO Pay: Is It Still Out of Sync?
Even in the midst of painful downsizings, many boards are handsomely rewarding bosses

Plus: High Rewards
Agosto 24 2009
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Top Stories

A Radical Rethink of R&D
It's a new world of collaboration across companies and nations. IBM is launching a major new experiment, while Microsoft keeps dreaming big. The question is whether anyone can come up with the breakthroughs to create millions of new jobs.

Plus: How to Play It: Betting on Tech

The Most Powerful Banker You've Never Heard of
Lewis Kaden is the ultimate behind-the-scenes power player. Lobbying the White House for Citi may be his biggest role yet

Plus: Lewis Kaden: Adviser for Hire
Plus: Bio: Lewis Kaden

CEO Pay: Is It Still Out of Sync?
Even in the midst of painful downsizings, many boards are handsomely rewarding bosses

Plus: High Rewards
Agosto 24 2009
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Top Stories

The Case for Optimism
It's smart to recognize opportunity, even in bad times

How Marchionne Will Run Fiat-Chrysler
The new CEO is embracing unconventional methods, such as fostering internal competition, as he revs up the carmaker

A Different Kind of Credit-Card Company
With a new federal credit-card law coming, PartnersFirst's model of no fees, steady rates, and reduced risk may point toward the industry's future

Plus: How to Play It: Credit Cards
Agosto 17 2009
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Top Stories

Starbucks: Howard Schultz vs. Howard Schultz
Starbucks' iconoclastic founder has gone through a reeducation in the rigors of running a more typical company. That doesn't mean he has to like it

The Health Insurers Have Already Won
How UnitedHealth and rival carriers, maneuvering behind the scenes in Washington, shaped health-care reform for their own benefit

Plus: Health Reform: A Timeline
Podcast: Behind the Story

Brazil's Coming Rebound
Consumers are spending and banks are sound. Is the Latin giant finally growing up?

Plus: How to Play It: Emerging Markets
Agosto 10 2009
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Top Stories

Obama Tells BW He's Not Antibusiness
In a wide-ranging interview, the President says "to return to some semblance of balance is hardly radical"

Podcast: Obama and Business

Obama: What Business Thinks
Top U.S. executives say President Obama has been accessible and willing to listen, but they wonder whether he is heeding their advice

Slide Show: CEOs Rate Obama's Performance
Plus: Business and the Obama Agenda

Resveratrol: The Hard Sell on Anti-Aging
Online ads for resveratrol are using fake endorsements from experts and celebrities to promote the unproven anti-aging product
Agosto 03 2009
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Top Stories

The Leaner Baby Boomer Economy
The downturn is putting a crimp on baby boomers' free-spending ways, and the likes of Mercedes and Starwood Hotels are scrambling to keep up

Slide Show: Marketing to Boomers
Podcast: Companies Scramble as Boomers Cut Back

Can the Military Find the Answer to Alternative Energy?
DARPA, the Defense Dept. agency that helped invent the Internet, is setting its sights on cleantech

Plus: DARPA's Big Hits
Plus: An ARPA for Energy Is Greeted With Enthusiasm

The Tech Sector Sees Signs of Shoppers
Companies such as Apple, Dell, and Hewlett-Packard are betting on a consumer-led turnaround, but many don't share the optimism
Julio 27 2009
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Top Stories
China Revs Up Its Dealmaking Machine
The Chinese are in the midst of an M&A craze, doubling overseas investments last year. Could the deals benefit the global economy?

Plus: China's Flurry of Deals
Podcast: China Goes Shopping

Should Charles R. Schwab Aim Higher?
Some say the conservative brokerage firm Charles R. Schwab should be more aggressive as rivals such as E*Trade Financial struggle

Green Tech Innovators
All but invisible, these startups are springing up all across the alternative energy landscape
Julio 13 2009
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Top Stories
Retirement: The Big Rethink
Sure, the financial crisis has sapped that nest egg you've been building for retirement. But take heart: Winning the lottery isn't the only way out of this mess

Will Tax Breaks Boost Jobs?
States are doling out billions to woo companies and revive local economies. But their incentives may be undermining America's recovery plan

AT&T's Designs for the Wireless Market
The iPhone was just the start. To offset slowing growth, AT&T seeking devices that will expand the way people use its wireless network
Julio 06 2009
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Microsoft Defends Its Empire
Microsoft is under siege from rivals offering cheap or free software on the Web. So it's revamping its Office suite and shifting into online services

Plus: Microsoft by the Numbers
Podcast: Behind the Story

The Family Doctor: A Remedy for Health-Care Costs?
How making primary-care physicians the center of America's health-care system could drive down costs

Plus: Reform and Jobs
Plus: How to Play It: Health-Care Reform

Big Game Asset Hunters
It's boom times for the asset-forfeiture experts who reclaim ill-gotten gains from Ponzi schemes and other frauds
Junio 29 2009
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Where Housing Will Be in 2012
Home prices are likely to fall for the next year, then stabilize, with a rebound in 2012 as the overall economy takes off again

Slide Show: What Will Your Home Be Worth in 2012?
Podcast: Behind the Story
How to Play It: Housing

Coach's Poppy Line Is Luxury for Recessionary Times
Adapting to a more frugal consumer, Coach has created the less pricey Poppy line, revamping its product mix to lower its average bag price to $290

Why the Fed Isn't Igniting Inflation
Yes, the Fed is expanding the money supply. But any inflationary effect will be offset by consumers' new frugality
Junio 22 2009
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Novartis: Radically Remaking Its Drug Business
CEO Dan Vasella's growth mantra for Novartis is follow the science, not the financials

Companies Willing to Take Risks in a Recession
Some global companies, from Fiat to Oracle to Toys 'R' Us, are taking advantage of the downturn by making gutsy moves that are likely to pay off later

Podcast: Behind the Story
Plus: Intel Pushes Its Own Stimulus Plan

Turning Failure into Success
Automated innovation—relying on computers to roll out new products—flopped at first. Now it's come back as a cost-cutting tool for hard times
Junio 15 2009
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The Failed Promise of Innovation in the U.S.
During the past decade, innovation has stumbled. And that may help explain America's economic woes

Slide Show: A Decade of Disappointments
Plus: Growth: Why the Stats Are Misleading
Slide Show: Explaining the Numbers

Cloud Computing's Big Bang for Business
Makers of everything from cell phones to chips are set to cash in on emerging technology—not that it will be easy

So Much for the Cheap 'China Price'
A new study says rising mainland wages and higher shipping costs, among other things, make Mexico a better choice for manufacturing
Junio 08 2009
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Ursula Burns: An Historic Succession at Xerox
One female CEO will hand over the reins to another—a first for a major company. But Burns has her work cut out for her

Plus: Journey to the Top
Podcast: Behind the Story

The Tough Road Ahead for GM and Chrysler
Bankruptcy would produce leaner automakers, but it would still leave lots of debt and do nothing to fix their images—or the disastrous marketplace

Slide Show: GM's Rise and Decline
Special Report: General Motors' New Landscape

Is Qi Lu Microsoft's Search Engine Savior?
The former Yahoo tech whiz believes Google will be vulnerable to the new Bing search engine. The stakes are high

Plus: Qi Lu Gives First Interview
Plus: Microsoft's Ballmer on Bing
Junio 01 2009
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Learning, and Profiting, from Online Friendships
Companies are working fast to figure out how to make money from the wealth of data they're beginning to have about our online friendships

'Super Angels' Shake Up Venture Capital
As large VC firms cut back, a hungry bunch of seed-stage investors are helping entrepreneurs get their ideas off the ground

Web 2.0: Managing Corporate Reputations
Companies are scrambling to silence errant messages while exploiting social networks

Slide Show: CEOs Who Use Twitter
Mayo 25 2009
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How the Mighty Fall, and How to Stay on Top
In an exclusive excerpt from his new book, Good to Great author Jim Collins pinpoints the insidious (and often invisible) problems that send great companies crashing to earth

Can China Clean Up Its Act?
Beijing has big plans to curb pollution and jump-start a cleantech industry. But the global recession and looming trade friction will test its resolve

Failure: A Bankrupt Idea
Why the bankruptcy process that sorted out the mess when companies failed no longer works
Mayo 18 2009
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How Private Equity Could Rev Up the U.S. Economy
Two out of five private equity firms will disappear. The rest will feast off the financial wreckage

Plus: Masters of This Universe
Podcast: Behind the Story

The Perils of Global Banking

Selling through subsidiaries, banks have left investors across the globe holding potentially toxic bonds. Now governments may restrain foreign financial firms
Plus: Too Big to Fail: Still an Issue

Israel's Clean Technology Pioneers
They're pros at getting the most out of limited natural resources. The world is taking notice—especially U.S. venture capitalists
How to Play It: Renewable Energy
Mayo 11 2009
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Help Wanted: Why That Sign's Bad
The nation has 3 million jobs going begging. And without retraining, U.S. workers may not be able to fill them

Podcast: Struggle to Fill Jobs
Plus: Learning Labor Market Lessons from Germany

The Art of CEO Succession
Pulling off a CEO transition is never easy. DuPont's smooth baton-passing early this year underscores the importance of having a solid plan

CEOs of Tomorrow
Plus: Breeding Grounds for New CEOs
Plus: How to Play It: CEOs of Tommorow

About That New, "Friendly" Consumer Contract
Citibank, AT&T Wireless, ING Direct, and others are pushing simpler terms and lower rates. Consumers should keep reading the fine print

Plus: How Credit-Card Contracts Got So Frustrating
Mayo 04 2009
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Philip Morris' Global Race
Freed from Altria, Philip Morris International CEO Louis Camilleri is pushing hard to boost global sales before U.S.-style tobacco restrictions spread

Slide Show: The Global Tobacco Battle
How to Play It: Tobacco Stocks
Podcast: Behind the Story

Why Iran Is Hungry for Business with the U.S.
An easing of tensions with Tehran would bring foreign investment, allowing Iranian companies to scale up

The Dubious Promise of Digital Medicine
GE, Google, and others, in a stimulus-fueled frenzy, are piling into the business. But electronic health records have a dubious history

Plus: Newt Gingrich's Health-Care Mission
Plus: Doctors' Pride: A Hurdle to Digital Medicine
Abril 27 2009
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What Good Are Economists Anyway?
Why they failed to predict the global economic crisis—and why their help is still crucial to a recovery

Podcast: Behind the Story
Plus: Macroeconomics: Adjusting the Big Picture

The Biofuel Bubble
A horde of startups have smart ideas. But the challenges are many, and the winners likely will be Shell, BP, DuPont, and other majors

Blowing Up Pepsi
PepsiCo Americas CEO Massimo d'Amore has been rebranding Pepsi's core products top to bottom. Creative destruction—or just destruction?
Abril 20 2009
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The Other Mexico: A Wave of Investment
Who says it's a "failed state"? Ignoring the drug wars, multinationals are pumping in billions to set up factories

Plus: Different Mexicos
Plus: Why Go to Mexico?

IN: Inside Innovation
While the 2009 list includes some stalwarts, 15 new firms have joined the lineup. Check out our extensive coverage of the winners, losers, and up-and-comers in our annual survey

Jack Bogle's Last Crusade?
The mutual fund pioneer is pushing for an overhaul of the retirement-savings system
Plus: Investment Advice from Jack Bogle
Abril 13 2009
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Housing: Signs of Life
Housing sales are picking up in some of the hardest-hit markets. Will confidence spread?

Podcast: Home Buyers Are Beginning to Stir in Some Markets

GE's Jeffrey Immelt: All Boxed In
No matter what the CEO does to try to save his company, it has lost its aura of greatness

Plus: The Sum of Its Parts
How to Play It: General Electric

A Boom for Tax Prep
New tax breaks will drive fresh customers to H&R Block, Liberty Tax, and others. But the IRS fears increased fraud in the unregulated industry
Marzo 23 2009
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Game-Changing Ideas for Business
Breakthrough management ideas for a world in which the game will never be the same

The Big Job Engines: Education and Health
Spending on health care and education will be the fastest way to create jobs while other sectors recover

The Dogfight Over Economic Stimulus
Why economists can't decide whether massive spending will be helpful or drive America further down
Plus: Theories on the Economic Crisis: The Extremes
Marzo 17 2009
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Stock Markets: When Will the Bull Return?
This bear market is unusually hard to read, but signs point to more pain to come. Still, opportunities are emerging for the very long-term investor

Plus: How to Play It: The Markets
Podcast: How to Time This Bear's Long Retreat

Alan Mulally: The Outsider at Ford
The changes at Ford initiated by CEO Mulally, a former aerospace guy, have meant the difference between death for the automaker and merely being sick

The Rise of the Maghreb
North Africa is fast becoming a key supplier of energy and a manufacturing alternative to Eastern Europe
Marzo 09 2009
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How the Crisis Is Hitting Europe
Its economy harbored far more risk than most people realized, and businesses are more in hock than their U.S. counterparts

How to Play It: European Stocks
Podcast: Behind the Story

BusinessWeek Ranks Undergraduate Business Programs
The schools that excel in BusinessWeek's fourth annual ranking are putting an intense focus on guiding students through the career search

Mapping a New, Mobile Internet
A nascent industry involving the likes of Google and Nokia is pinpointing the movements and behaviors of millions of cell-phone users
Marzo 02 2009
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Customer Service in a Shrinking Economy
How companies are struggling to maintain customer service amid sinking sales and declining employee morale

The Bridge to Smart Technology
IBM, HP, and GE are among those developing systems that make U.S. infrastructure safer and more efficient—just in time for a government spending spree

Laid-off Workers Want Their Severance
More companies are cutting back on—or cutting out—severance pay and benefits. But workers are fighting back, and new laws are on their side

Where Job Losses Will Be Deep—and Where They Won't
Febrero 23 2009
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How Banks Are Worsening the Foreclosure Crisis
How the banking industry is undermining efforts to keep people in their houses

Slide Show: Where Foreclosure Has Hit Hardest
Plus: What's Holding Back Mortgage Modification?
Podcast: Behind the Story

Is Stanford Financial's Offer Too Good to Be True?
Regulators are eyeing the high-flying firm, whose CDs offer returns more than double the market average

CVS's Bold Bet on Health-Care Reform
The CEO of CVS/Caremark says getting patients to stick to their drug regimens would save billions in medical care. Health-care reformers are listening

How to Play It: Digital Health Care
Febrero 16 2009
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Exxon: Juggernaut or Dinosaur?
Cautious, rigid, and uninterested in alternative fuels, the wildly successful oil behemoth is lumbering ponderously into the future

Plus: Exxon's Global Footprint
Podcast: Why Exxon's Weaker Than You Think

Can a Hybrid 401(k) Save Retirement?
The holy grail is a pension/401(k) mixture that pays out for the rest of your life—but shaken administrators may not be ready for it

Plus: What You Need to Know About Hybrid 401(k) Plans

Will Work for Praise
Businesses like ThisNext are finding that for lots of people, recognition is as strong a motivator as cash

Slide Show: Work for a Sense of Community
Febrero 09 2009
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The Bank Bailout Is Broken
But the Obama Administration and Congress are starting to grapple with the enormity of the problems in the financial system

Plus: Creating a Bank to Take on Toxic Assets

Detroit Should Get Cracking on its Googlemobile
Carmakers need to let go of their musty business models and start thinking like 21st century companies—like Google

Slide Show: If Google Ran Your Business
Plus: A Management Tip Sheet
Plus: The United States of Google?

Rebuilding America's Job Machine
Industrial policy isn't dead. It's thriving in the states—and may be the start of a U.S. comeback strategy

Plus: Grassroots Industrial Policy
Enero 26 2009
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Getting Down to Business
As Barack Obama and his new team scramble to rescue and retrofit the wounded economy, his audacious agenda of stimulus, reform, and regulation will shake up almost every major business and industry in America

A New Menace to the Economy: 'Zombie' Debtors
Call them "zombie" companies. Many more has-been companies will be feeding off taxpayers, investors, and workers—sapping the lifeblood of healthier rivals

Plus: Breeding Zombies

The Apple App Monster
Now that outsiders can get in on the act, loads of companies are developing applications for the iPhone. But can they make real money?

Plus: Expanding Universe
Enero 19 2009
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Managing Through a Crisis: The New Rules
In times of turmoil, opportunities abound. All managers must do is keep their companies afloat, their eyes peeled for openings, and their bearings—as the old rules wash away

A Stronger Yen is Pummeling Japan
With exports suffering and consumers at home not spending, the government may have to intervene to hold down the currency and prop up the economy

What Big Three? Ford Motor Adopts A Scrappy Image
In declining a federal bailout, CEO Alan Mulally gambled that cash—and new models such as the fusion Hyrid—can help Ford outlast its rivals

Plus: A Green Auto Show

Enero 12 2009
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Whatever Happened to Silicon Valley Innovation?
Short-term thinking and increasing risk aversion have stifled the tech center's spirit. But innovators still lurk there, if you look for them

Narrated Slide Show: Silicon Valley's Innovation Engine May Be Stalling Out
Plus: How to Refurbish the U.S. Tech Industry
Podcast: In Search of Big Ideas in the Valley

McDonald's Supersized Retirement Plan
The fast-food giant is persuading more African American workers to enroll in 401(k)s. Can McDonald's keep talent by helping families save?

Plus: John Rogers: Preaching the Gospel of Saving

The Downside of ADM's Focus On Biofuels
With ethanol a political football, ADM's chief executive, Patricia Woertz, and its stock are getting hit

Plus: ADM's Checkered Past
Plus: Woertz: The Outsider Who Transformed ADM

Diciembre 29 2008
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Investment Outlook 2009
Don't despair. Once America sheds its bad habits, new opportunities will arise

The Fed's Fierce Battle Plan
In dropping rates to zero, Bernanke is attacking the recession head-on. And his approach may well lead to a recovery by late 2009

FedEx Whites-Out the Kinko's Name
Poor customer service and fast-changing technology are still problems. Can the delivery giant redeem its troubled copy-chain unit by rebranding?

Plus: Fixing a Troubled Marriage

Diciembre 22 2008
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Is the Jobs Panic Justified?
BusinessWeek asked economists from Wall Street to academia. Their job forecasts all depend on when they think the credit markets will start working again

Podcast: Behind the Story

The World's Most Influential Companies
In a year of loss, they're building market share, upending their industries, and changing consumers' lives

Slide Show: The World's Most Influential Companies
Plus: A Gallery of Greats
Plus: Coming Up Fast: Companies to Watch

Detroit Bailout: How It Can Work
Washington can buy a lot of leverage with a bailout, but it will need some industry experts to vet carmakers' plans for recovery. Still, there are successful precedents

Plus: Terms of a Rescue Plan

Diciembre 15 2008
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How Risky Is India?
In the wake of the Mumbai siege, business must weigh the persistence of political violence against the strength and promise of the Indian miracle

Podcast: Behind the Story

Unretired: Retirees are Back, Looking for Work
They saved. They planned. Then housing tanked and the markets melted. Now they need jobs, and there aren't any

Slide Show: Stories of the Unretired

Emerging Market Report: Africa's Dynamo
How South African Business is reshaping the continent

Diciembre 08 2008
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Can Obama Keep New Jobs at Home?
Massive fiscal stimulus could wind up creating jobs offshore as funds are spent on imports

Plus: The New Obama Economy Team
Podcast: Behind the Story

Philanthropy Report: Who's Still Giving
As charitable giving dries up, new kinds of leaders are taking on the world's problems, using the for-profit world as a model

Social Entrepreneurs Turn Business Sense to Good
As charitable giving dries up, new kinds of leaders are taking on the world's problems, using the for-profit world as a model

Narrated Slide Show: The Fruits of Indian Microlending
Video: Yunus on Microfinance

Diciembre 01 2008
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FHA-Backed Loans: The New Subprime
The same people whose reckless practices triggered the global financial crisis are onto a similar scheme that could cost taxpayers tons more

Podcast: The Subprime Wolves Are Back
Plus: 'Help' Can Be Costly

IN: Inside Innovation
In this issue of BusinessWeek's Inside Innovation, we take a look at innovation efforts worldwide, from big money contests such as the X-Prize to Indian design startups looking to win offshore and domestic customers. Plus, green cars and Broadway branding

Network Security Breaches Plague NASA
Repeated attacks from abroad on NASA computers and Web sites are causing consternation among officials and stirring national security concerns

Plus: Vulnerable Computers

Noviembre 24 2008
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The Best B-Schools
Applications to top programs are up, but the job outlook is unclear

Podcast: Behind The Story

The Future of Tech: Cisco
Inside the networking giant's high-stakes emerging markets push

Hot Growth Europe
Our annual ranking of the fastest-growing small companies in Europe finds lots of traditional industrial businesses--many of them with a green angle

Noviembre 17 2008
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The Changes Business Wants from Obama
What would help U.S. companies survive—and thrive

Emerging Market Report
New bonds between the Middle East and Asia, and a new backlash to the tech boom in Bangalore

Is the Federal Home Loan Banking System at Risk?
It's lent billions to smaller banks like IndyMac. And if it fails, taxpayers are on the hook

Noviembre 10 2008
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Why America Needs an Economic Strategy
The Harvard Business School competitiveness guru offers his prescription for long-term prosperity

Plus: Land of the Free?
Podcast: Behind the Story

Cash-Rich Drugmakers Eye Mergers or Acquisitions
GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, and Sanofi-Aventis are likely buyers. Wyeth, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Eli Lilly, and a host of biotech companies could be targets

Plus: Four New Pharmaceutical Chief Executives Speak Out
Plus: Pfizer CEO Kindler Has His Work Cut Out for Him

Sony Chases Apple's Magic
Even with a former Steve Jobs lieutenant driving innovation, Sony still hasn't captured its rival's cool

Plus: Schaaff's March

Noviembre 03 2008
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Surviving the Storm
For the bold, opportunities abound: Strategies for managers, employees, investors, consumers, and borrowers

Recession Survival Guide: Test Your IQ
Slide Show: Tips for Surviving the Recession
Slide Show: 20 Good Deals

Burlington Northern and the Revival of Railroads
The last depression bankrupted them. Now they're positioned to thrive. A look at the nation's most progressive railroad, Burlington Northern Santa Fe

Slide Show: Working on the Railroad
Plus: Canadian National Railway's Timely Profits

What Gene Tests Can Really Tell You
Critics say health insights gleaned from snips of people's genes are no better than what you can learn by getting a family medical history

Plus: The Story in Your Genes
Plus: Reading the Entire Genetic Code

Octubre 23 2008
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Forget Adam Smith, Whatever Works
Washington's partial nationalization of banks marks a fundamental shift in thinking about the relationship of the public and private sectors

Plus: A Bigger Role
Podcast: Behind the Story

The Feds' Next Step After Rescuing Banks
Many argue that after the $250 billion bank capital injection the government must then stem the surge in foreclosures

E-Waste: The Dirty Secret of Recycling Electronics
Lax rules and weak enforcement allow scrap companies to profit by sending junked computers, printers, and TVs overseas

Octubre 20 2008
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The New Age of Frugality
Americans' charge-it culture is getting an overdue reality check. But will the new discipline stick?

Slide Show: How Will You Cope with the Bad Economy?
Plus: Freegans and FreeCycling Gain Fans
Podcast: Behind the Story

Financial Crisis: How to Stop the Panic
It is possible to calm the waters, but it'll mean unlearning our post-Depression lessons

Plus: Pulling Out the Stops

Credit Crisis: The Risk Hits Russia
Investors are fleeing fragile financial markets, oil prices are falling, and the global credit crisis threatens the economy

The Business WeekNews You Need to Know
A Recession That's Mild But Long?
Slide Show: Market Turmoil: Where the Pain Is Deepest
Online Extra: Figures of the Week (.pdf)
BTW: Fantasy Finance: The "Dream Teams"; That Could Help Navigate the Current Crisis; Obama Cups Stack Up at 7-Eleven; more
BlackRock's Peter Fisher on When the Pain Will End

Octubre 13 2008
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Top Stories
The Credit Crunch Spreads to Business
If companies around the globe are unable to borrow, they'll begin to cut jobs, cease investment, and default on their debt in larger numbers

Podcast: Behind the Story

Dangerous Fakes
How counterfeit, defective computer components from China are getting into U.S. warplanes and ships

Slide Show: Where Counterfeiters Lurk
Narrated Slide Show: How Counterfeit Microchips Make Their Way from China to the Pentagon

The Power 100
Meet the most influential people in the business of sports, plus The Global 25 and how to fix a football franchise

The Business WeekNews You Need to Know
Recession Now Seems Unavoidable
Slide Show: A Contagion of Slower Growth, Born in the U.S.A.
Online Extra: Figures of the Week (.pdf)
BTW: Tales of CEO Angst; Ferreting Out Fraud; more
Paul O'Neill: Blunt Talk About the Crisis

Octubre 06 2008
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Top Stories
What's in Your Portfolio?
BusinessWeek goes to the experts to help investors reassess their risks

Plus: Safe Investing in a Troubled Economy
Plus: If You Want to Rejigger Your Holdings

Main Street's Rage at the Financial Crisis
Working folks are outraged about the government's proposed Wall Street rescue

Wall Street: A Blow to U.S. Prestige?
The surprising answer is no. Most business people still view the U.S. as a beacon of free enterprise and praise its swift response to the crisis

Plus: Europe's Deep Pockets
Plus: Global Voices: How the U.S. Is Seen Now

The Business WeekNews You Need to Know
The Beginning of the Road to Recovery?
So Far, It's No Great Depression
Online Extra: Figures of the Week (.pdf)
BTW: Interrupted Sales Pitches Pay Off; the Economics of Pollination; AIG Hasn't Yet Lost This Shirt; more
Bill Clinton on the Banking Crisis, McCain, and Hillary

Septiembre 29 2008
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Top Stories
Wall Street Staggers
What brought down the markets? Bad choices, greed—and never learning from past mistakes

Slide Show: Lessons Not Learned
Podcast: Behind the Story

The Shakeout After Lehman, Merrill, AIG...
As credit stays tight, power shifts to Bank of America, Barclays, hedge funds, and private equity—and regulators will keep a more watchful eye

Where AIG Went Wrong
An underwriter's job is to spread risk. But AIG let itself become seriously exposed to the shaky housing sector

The Business WeekNews You Need to Know
The Fed's Bailout Balancing Act Could Work
Slide Show: Global Markets, Frightened Investors
Online Extra: Figures of the Week (.pdf)
Will We Ever Learn?
BTW: Beaujolais in Plastic Bottles; The Little Electric Car That Might; more
The Art of Confrontation
Inside a Game-Changing Week on the Street

Septiembre 22 2008
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Top Stories
The Economy: Best- and Worst-Case Scenarios
Will the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac bailout work? It pays to imagine the possibilities

Plus: Virtuous Circle
Plus: Vicious Circle

Firing Up America's Idea Economy
Inside Innovation: How the Los Alamos and Sandia labs are helping business. Plus: An SUV made in Brazil, Philips designs, and more

Kazakh Oil: A War of Nerves
Russian brinkmanship could imperil the flow of oil and money across the Caspian to Europe

The Business Week
News You Need to Know
A Good Step, But There's a Long Way to Go
Slide Show: Steady Spending in Retail, but Job Losses Are Rising
Online Extra: Figures of the Week (.pdf)
Business Exchange
BTW: Short-Changed by Merit Pay; From Buyout to Busted; "High Fructose" Hits the Air Waves: more
The Fannie/Freddie Bailout: What's Next

Septiembre 15 2008
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Top Stories
The Best Places to Launch a Career
Money is tight, but companies are getting imaginative with the perks they use to lure new talent Showing Stamina on the Asia BW50
In a rough market, the e-company's strong profits put it among Asia's leaders

Slide Show: Asia's Corporate Elite 2008
Interactive Table: Asia BusinessWeek 50

Outsourcing the Drug Industry
U.S. giants are rushing to partner with Indian and Chinese companies—tapping their brainpower and saving millions of dollars in the search for breakthrough treatments

Narrated Slide Show: Outsourcing Lab Work to India
Plus: Chinese Scientists Build Big Pharma Back Home
Slide Show: Who's Who in Chinese-American Life Sciences

The Business WeekNews You Need to Know
Get Ready for a Second-Half Squeeze
Slide Show: Red vs. Blue Indicators as Election Season Heats Up
Online Extra: Figures of the Week (.pdf)
BusinessWeek TV
BTW: Wanted, Old iPhones; Bats Beware, Windmills Ahead; Salad Days for Web Grocers; And More
Sarah Palin on the Energy Challenge Facing America

Septiembre 08 2008
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Top Stories

Book Excerpt: The Numerati by Stephen Baker
By building mathematical models of its own employees, IBM aims to improve productivity and automate management

Narrated Slide Show: Parsed by the Numerati
The Rise of the Numerati
Podcast: Behind the Story

Medical Bills You Shouldn't Pay
In a controversial practice known as "balance billing," health-care providers are going after patients for money they don't owe

Extreme Experience: Septuagenarian CEOs
Seniors who run the show aren't the norm in business. But quite a number do. Here are 25 who can teach boomer and Gen Y managers a thing or two

Slide Show: Seniors Who Still Rock Business

The Business WeekNews You Need to Know
Housing's Stiff Headwinds
Slide Show: A Sobering Glimpse at the U.S. Employment Slump
Online Extra: Figures of the Week (.pdf)
BusinessWeek TV
BTW: Stay-at-Home MBAs, What Your E-Mail Moniker Reveals, Go East Young Geek; more

Agosto 24 2008
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Top Stories
Here it is: The first issue of BusinessWeek created in collaboration with readers. In surveys, blogs, and polls, you identified problems at work. Together we found answers

Georgia: A Blow to U.S. Energy
The plans of the U.S. and Western oil companies for expanded pipelines in the Caspian region may well be a casualty of Russia's attack

China's Economic Torch Won't Outlast Olympics
Growth will cool after the Beijing Games as slowing global demand and rising costs at home hurt exports and profits

The Business Week
News You Need to Know
Productivity Is Easing the Pain
Slide Show: Extravagant Executive Pay Shows Signs of Moderation
Figures of the Week (.pdf)
BusinessWeek TV
BTW: Techies Go to Finishing School; Sound Effects for Electric Cars; Faux Drug Ads from the FDA; more