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Journal of Computing and Information Technology (CIT)

Vol 18, No 1 2010
The Uplink Capacity Evaluation of Wireless Networks: Spectral Analysis Approach
Kobbane Abdellatif, Elazouzi Rachid, Ibrahimi Khalil, Bouyakhf El-Houssine, Sujit Kumar Samanta

Temporal Modeling of Node Mobility in Mobile Ad hoc Network
Jyoti P Singh, Paramartha Dutta

Development of a Hierarchical Driver Aid for Parallel Parking Using Fuzzy Biomimetic Approach
Tarik Ozkul, Mohammed Moqbel, Suhail B. A. Al-Dhafri

Refined Deterministic Algorithm for Biplane Construction
Ivica Martinjak, Mario Osvin Pavčević

An Illumination Invariant Accurate Face Recognition with Down Scaling of DCT Coefficients
Virendra P. Vishwakarma, Sujata Pandey, M. N. Gupta

COLEG: Collaborative Learning Environment within Grid
Yacine Lafifi, Khaled Halimi, Mourad Hadjeris

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Vol. 17 N°3 2009

Path finding and Collision Avoidance in Crowd Simulation
Cherif Foudil, Djedi Noureddine, Cédric Sanza, Yves Duthen

Implementing Medical Business Processes Integrating Server Technologies
Ivan Zoraja, Vojimir Golem, Boris Ilijić

Analysis and Classification of ERP Producers by Business Operations
Alen Jakupovic, Mile Pavlic, Kresimir Fertalj

On the Performance of Latent Semantic Indexing based Information Retrieval
Aswani Kumar Cherukuri, Srinivas Suripeddi

Verification of Complex Real-Time Systems using Rewriting Logic
Mustapha Bourahla

Applying the Generalized Dombi Operator Family to the Speech Recognition Task
Gábor Gosztolya, József Dombi, András Kocsor

Role of Spectral Peaks in Autocoorelation Domain for Robust Speech Recognition
Poonam Bansal, Amita Dev, Shail Bala Jain

Vol. 17 N°2 2009

MFrame: An Application Framework for Mobile mFrame: An Application Framework for Mobile Resource-Constrained Computing Environments
Hossein Saiedian, Hinko Vincar, Sergey Morozov

Improving the Security Levels of E-government Processes within Public Administration Through the Establishment of Improved Security Systems
Bálint Molnár, Andrea Kő

Applying Dynamic Co-occurrence in Story Link Detection
Hua Zhao, Tiejun Zhao

A system architecture for a context – aware blended mobile learning environment
Ivica Boticki, Natasa Hoic-Bozic, Ivan Budiscak

Load Balancing: an Approach based on the Clustering in Ad Hoc Networks
AOUDJIT RACHIDA, M'zoughi Abdellaziz, Lalam Mustapha, Belkadi Malika, Daoui Mehammed

TUKAB: An Efficient NAT Traversal Scheme on Security of VoIP Network System Based on Session Initiation Protocol
Ifta Khirul, K. M. Azharul Hasan, Md. Kamrul Islam

A Software Architecture Framework for Home Service Robots

Mohamed Tahar Kimour, Amar Bessam, Rachid Boudour

Analysis of Key Management Schemes for Secure Group Communication and Their Classification

R. Aparna, B B Amberker

Vol. 17 N°1 2009

Francois Michaud, Dominic Letourneau, Eric Beaudry, Maxime Frechette, Froduald Kabanza and Michel Lauria. Iterative Design of Advanced Mobile Robots

Kristijan Macek, Roland Philippsen and Roland Siegwart. Path Following for Autonomous Vehicle Navigation Based on Kinodynamic Control

Thierry Fraichard and Vivien Delsart. Navigating Dynamic Environments with Trajectory Deformation

Feng Xie and Rafael Fierro. Stabilization of Nonholonomic Robot Formations: A First-state Contractive Model Predictive Control Approach

Andreas Nuechter. Parallel and Cached Scan Matching for Robotic 3D Mapping

Kristoffer Sjo, Dorian Galvez Lopez, Chandana Paul, Patric Jensfelt and Danica Kragic. Object Search and Localization for an Indoor Mobile Robot

Drazen Brscic and Hideki Hashimoto. Mobile Robot as Physical Agent of Intelligent Space

Francesco Capezio, Fulvio Mastrogiovanni, Antonio Sgorbissa and Renato Zaccaria. Robot-Assisted Surveillance in Large Environments

Birgit Graf. An Adaptive Guidance System for Robotic Walking Aids
Vol. 16 N°4 2008

Lynne Billard. Some Analyses of Interval Data

Mladen A. Vouk Cloud Computing – Issues, Research and Implementations

Ivan Bratko. An Assessment of Machine Learning Methods for Robotic Discovery

Felix Breitenecker, Florian Judex, Nikolas Popper, Katharina Breitenecker, Anna Mathe and Andreas Mathe. Love Emotions between Laura and Petrarch – an Approach by Mathematics and System Dynamics

Christian Stickel, Martin Ebner and Andreas Holzinger Useful Oblivion Versus Information Overload in e-Learning Examples in the Context of Wiki Systems

Mario Rapone, Livia Della Ragione and Giovanni Meccariello An Integrated Knowledge Base for Modelling and Predicting Vehicle Real-world Emissions as a Function of Driving Behaviour Kinematics

Anja Habus-Korbar, Vesna Luzar-Stiffler and Vanda Bazdan Investigation of Preliminary Student Test Performance Data Using the ANOM Statistical Tool and Mixed Model Analysis

Nguyen-Khang Pham, Annie Morin and Patrick Gros CAViz, an Interactive Graphical Tool for Image Mining

Nerijus Aukstakalnis, Kazys Baniulis, Jurate Pauliute and Asta Slotkiene Graphical Model: The Means for Simulation-based Learning

Sherif Michael Modeling and Optimization Techniques of Electronic Devices Using Genetic Algorithm

Ivan Voras and Mario Zagar Web-enabling Cache Daemon for Complex Data

Biljana Stojkoska, Danco Davcev and Vladimir Trajkovik N-Queens-based Algorithm for Moving Object Detection in Distributed Wireless Sensor Networks

Antonia Gallardo, Luis Diaz de Cerio and Kana Sanjeevan HGRID: A Self-configuring Grid Resource Discovery

Matko Botincan and Davor Runje An Enhancement of Futures Runtime in Presence of Cache Memory Hierarchy

Li-Ren Chien and Daniel J. Buehrer Using a Typed Mind Map as a Data Model in a TDD DICE System

Vol. 16 N°3 2008

Vinay Arya, Ankush Mittal, Amit Pande and Ramesh C. Joshi. An Efficient Coding Method for Teleconferencing Video and Confocal Microscopic Image Sequences

Sergio de Cesare, Chaitali Patel, Nicola Iacovelli, Antonio Merico and Mark Lycett. Tailoring Software Development Methodologies in Practice: A Case Study

Asad Ali, Syed Asif Mahmood Gilani and Nisar Ahmed Memon. Affine Invariant Contour Descriptors Using Independent Component Analysis and Dyadic Wavelet Transform

Janez Zibert, Bostjan Vesnicer and France Mihelic. Development of a Speaker Diarization System for Speaker Tracking in Audio Broadcast News: a Case Study

Muthuswamy Vijayalakshmi and Arputharaj Kannan. A Hashing Scheme for Multi-channel Wireless Broadcast

Bozidar Potocnik, Damjan Zazula, Boris Cigale, Dusan Heric, Edvard Cibula and Tomaz Tomazic. A Patient-specific Knee Joint Computer Model Using MRI Data and ’in vivo’ Compressive Load from the Optical Force Measuring System

Vol. 16 N°2 2008

Parimala Venkata Krishna and N. Ch. S. N. Iyengar. Design of Sequencing Medium Access Control to Improve the Performance of Wireless Networks

Susmit Maity, Soumen Saha, Sk. Sahnawaj, Barun Kumar Saha and Chandan Tilak Bhunia. Pre-emptive Dynamic Source Routing : A Repaired Backup Approach and Stability Based DSR with Multiple Routes

Shajulin Benedict and V. Vasudevan A Niched Pareto GA. Approach for Scheduling Scientific Workflows in Wireless Grids

Andrey Belenky and Nirwan Ansari. Internet Deployment of DPM-based IP Traceback

Stefan Funke, Domagoj Matijevic and Peter Sanders. Constant Time Queries for Energy Efficient Paths in Multi-hop Wireless Networks

Ahmed Al-Naamany, Hadj Bourdoucen and Wadheh Al-Menthari. Modeling and Simulation of Quality of Service in VoIP Wireless LAN

Vol. 16 N°1 2008

Yann Collette and Patrick Siarry.On the Sensitivity of Aggregative Multiobjective Optimization Methods

Michal Kocisky, Jozef Lasz and Ivan Kotuliak. Analysis of Ethernet Traffic Statistical Properties
Bidyut Gupta, Shahram Rahimi and Ziping Liu. Design of High Performance Distributed Snapshot / Recovery Algorithms for Ring Networks

Bogdan Lipus and Nikola Guid. Influence of Blending Functions on Volumetric Cloud Images

Zhongjie Wang, Xiaofei Xu and Dechen Zhan. A Feature Space-based Business Model Quality Evaluation Method

Adeel Mumtaz, Syed Asif M. Gilani, Kamran Hameed and Tahir Jameel. Enhancing Performance of Image Retrieval Systems Using Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform and Support Vector Machines

Jerneja Zganec Gros and Mario Zganec. An Efficient Unit-selection Method for Concatenative Text-to-speech Synthesis Systems