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La colección de publicaciones especializadas de la Biblioteca de CONICYT, abarca las áreas de política científica, divulgación científica y ciencias de la información. También cuenta con importantes revistas relativas a las áreas de economía y educación.

Learned Publishing

Vol 23 N° 3 Julio 2010
Why usage is useless
Author: Singleton, Alan

Gaining ISO 9001: the experience of Oxford Journals
Author: Smith, Maxine

Is it worth establishing institutional repositories? The strategies for open access to Spanish peer-reviewed articles
Authors: Rodríguez-Armentia, Nerea; Amat, Carlos B.

Embracing change: perceptions of e-journals by faculty members
Authors: McClanahan, Kitty; Wu, Lei; Tenopir, Carol; King, Donald W.

Knowing your users: the value of article database usage analysis
Authors: Wan, Gang (Gary); Liu, Zao

The quest for visibility of scientific journals in Latin America
Authors: Estrada-Mejía, Catalina; Forero-Pineda, Clemente

In defense of the reference: more than linking in evolving Web environments
Author: Anderson-Wilk, Mark

Article 50 million: an estimate of the number of scholarly articles in existence
Author: Jinha, Arif E.

Report and Recommendations from the Scholarly Publishing Roundtable
Authors: Campbell, Bob; Willinsky, John; Anderson, Rick

Evaluating Electronic Resource Programmes and Provision: Case Studies from Africa and Asia
Author: Mlambo-Thata, Buhle

Bibliometrics and Citation Analysis; from the Science Citation Index to Cybermetrics
Author: Singleton, Alan

The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More
Author: Markwood, Priscilla S.

Content Licensing: Buying and Selling Digital Resources
Author: Albitz, Becky

Measuring Academic Research: How to Undertake a Bibliometric Study
Author: Craig, Iain D.

Vol 23 N° 2 Abril 2010
Whither e-books?
Author: Fisher, Janet

All together now: integrating customer data with MasterVision
Author: Culling, James

Self-citation in Chinese biomedical journals
Authors: Xue-Li, Liu; Mei-Ying, Wang

Open access publishing: a viable solution for society publishers
Authors: Cooney-McQuat, Sarah; Busch, Stefan; Kahn, Deborah

Continued adventures in open access: 2009 perspective
Author: Bird, Claire

Write when hot - submit when not: seasonal bias in peer review or acceptance?
Authors: Shalvi, Shaul; Baas, Matthijs; Handgraaf, Michel J.J.; De Dreu, Carsten K.W.

Reliability of reviewers' ratings when using public peer review: a case study
Authors: Bornmann, L.; Daniel, H.D.

The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery's CrossCheck experience
Author: Griffin, Cathy

Humanities and social science journals: a pilot study of eight US associations
Author: Waltham, Mary

The economic downturn and libraries: an international survey
Authors: Rowlands, Ian; Nicholas, David

Online. Indexed. Catalogued. Free. But will users find it?
Author: Rapple, Charlie
Author: Freeman, Ted

Identification of e-books
Author: Kilborn, Peter

Open Access - What Are the Economic Benefits? A Comparison of the United Kingdom, Netherlands and Denmark
Author: Jubb, Michael

Licensing Digital Content: A Practical Guide for Librarians, 2nd edn
Author: Okerson, Ann

Getting Published: A Companion for the Humanities and Social Sciences
Author: Roos, Anna Marie

Digitize This Book: The Politics of New Media or Why We Need Open Access Now
Author: McIlroy, Thad

The Brave New World of Publishing: The Symbiotic Relationship Between Printing and Book Publishing
uthor: McIlroy, Thad

Digital Copyright: Law & Practice (3rd edn)
Author: Bowes, William

The Future of the Academic Journal
Author: Jubb, Michael

Vol. 23 N°1 Enero 2010
'Peaks and troughs' or 'pigs in troughs'?
Author: Singleton, Alan

Credit where credit's due: plagiarism screening in scholarly publishing
Author: Meddings, Kirsty

CrossCheck: an effective tool for detecting plagiarism
Author: Zhang, Helen (Yuehong)

The Neuroscience Peer Review Consortium
Authors: Saper, Clifford B.; Maunsell, John H.R.

The 'peer reviewer as collaborator' model for publishing
Author: Kumar, Malhar N.

21st-century rights management: why does it matter and what is being done?
Authors: Bide, Mark; Wise, Alicia

Whose metrics? Citation, usage and access metrics as scholarly information service
Author: Armbruster, Chris

Paying for open access? Institutional funding streams and OA publication charges
Author: Pinfield, Stephen

What pharmaceutical libraries really want
Authors: Nielsen, Henning P.; Vogt, Sven-Olaf

Should editors influence journal impact factors?
Author: Krell, Frank-Thorsten

Points of View
Never mind the impact factor: colleagues know better!
Author: Hartley, James

Why outsourcing cannot help profitability in today's challenging times
Author: Glahn, Peggy

A journal business model to replace the big deal?
Author: Friend, Fred

Book reviews
Managing Global Business Strategies: A Twenty-first-century Perspective
Author: Markwood, Priscilla S.

Current Models of Digital Scholarly Communication: Results of an Investigation Conducted by Ithaka for the Association of Research Libraries
Author: Cox, John

Information Science in Transition
Author: Rowland, Fytton

International Copyright Law and Policy
Author: Balkwill, Richard

Digital Consumers: Reshaping the Information Profession
Author: Day, Sarah

Vol. 22 N°4 2009
Tipping over?
Author: Fisher, Janet

The Croatian national open access journal platform
Authors: Stojanovski, Jadranka; Petrak, Jelka; Macan, Bojan

The Web's rich tapestry
Author: Dodds, Leigh

OA and IP: open access, digital copyright and marketplace competition
Author: Harper, Georgia

TRANSFER Code of Practice: the publisher's point of view
Authors: Campfens, Yvonne; Pentz, Ed

Publishing and the digital library: adding value to scholarship and innovation to business
Author: Coleman, Ross

Practising what we preach: working together to further scientific collaboration
Authors: Csora, Camelia; van der Heyden, Michiel; Kersten, Fabian

Responsibility and the publishing industry
Authors: Gillingham, Emily; Bird, Sarah

A decline to nothing? The tenuous existence of the small journal
Author: Donovan, Stephen K.

We need publishing standards for datasets and data tables
Author: Green, Toby

Library Use of E-books: 2008-2009 Edition
Author: Bennett, Linda

Global Information Inequalities: Bridging the Information Gap
Author: Bailey, Rebecca

Campus-based Publishing Partnerships: A Guide to Critical Issues
Author: Thatcher, Sanford G.

PoWR: The Preservation of Web Resources Handbook - Digital Preservation for the UK HE/FE Web Management Community
Authors: Müller, Marius A

Never Mind the Web: Here Comes the Book
Author: Carden, Mark

New Thinking for 21st-century Publishers: Emerging Patterns and Evolving Strategies
Author: Bennett, Linda
Vol. 22 N°3 2009
Crunch time
Author: Morris, Sally

Journals and repositories: an evolving relationship?
Author: Pinfield, Stephen

Scholarly publishing and open access in the Nordic countries
Authors: Hedlund, Turid; Rabow, Ingegerd

A different form of editor-author interaction: the approach of university journals in China
Author: Li, Li

Creating the Mark Twain Project Online
Author: Schiff, Lisa

Using what you've got: the development of Emerald Management First
Authors: Craven, Alistair; Dallas, Graham

What societies want from a publishing partner
Author: Ashman, Peter

Learned society members and open access
Authors: Morris, Sally; Thorn, Sue

Societies must adapt or die
Author: Ladds, Andrew

Scholarly Communication in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Taiwan
Author: Hayashi, Kazuhiro

Copyright's Paradox
Author: Oppenheim, Charles

Write Effectively
Author: Smart, Pippa

Strategic Information Management: A Practitioner's Guide
Author: Nix, Linda

Indexing for Editors and Authors: A Practical Guide to Understanding Indexes
Author: Adams, Clifford A.

Fraud and Misconduct in Biomedical Research
Author: Marcovitch, Harvey

Letter to the Editors
Author: White, Howard D.
Vol. 22 N°2 2009
The Google Book Search settlement
Author: Fisher, Janet

Semantic publishing: the coming revolution in scientific journal publishing
Author: Shotton, David

The global village pioneers
Author: Ginsparg, Paul

'Improving little by little, every day': the road to Operational Excellence
Authors: van Campen, Johan; Hertzberger, Eveline

Digitizing journal archives: the experience of Taylor & Francis
Authors: Howells, Matthew; Bell, Ashleigh; Everitt, Nicholas; McMillan, Jennifer

Whither print? Staying nimble in the face of uncertainty
Authors: Seitter, Keith L.; Heideman, Kenneth F.

The luck of the referee draw: the effect of exchanging reviews
Authors: Bornmann, Lutz; Daniel, Hans-Dieter

Scholarly journal information-seeking and reading patterns of faculty at five US universities Authors: King, Donald W.; Tenopir, Carol; Choemprayong, Songphan; Wu, Lei

Why visibility matters - exploding the Broadcast Fallacy
Author: Cookson, Rod

Walls come tumbling down
Author: Hannay, Timo
Vol. 22 N°1 2009
Is the journal article fit for purpose, or stuck in the past?
Author: Morris, Sally

Reward or persuasion? The battle to define the meaning of a citation
Davis, Philip M.

Developing a new publishing model for interdisciplinary research
Author: Pidgeon, Sean

E-books in practice: the librarian's perspective
Author: Ball, Rafael

Recognizing referees at the American Physical Society
Author: Sprouse, Gene D.

The Berg Fashion Library
Earle, Kathryn

The Gutenberg-e project: opportunities and challenges in publishing born-digital monographs
Author: Wittenberg, Kate

Tier-based pricing for institutions: a new, e-based pricing model
Authors: Chesler, Adam; King, Susan

Bringing Chinese research to the world: Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering in China
Authors: Wei, Shi; Benson, Nancy

National vs. international journals: views of medical professionals in Croatia
Authors: Sambunjak, Dario; Huić, Mirjana; Hren, Darko; Katić, Milica; Maruišć, Ana; Marušić, Matko

Copy-editing - essential or frill?
Author: Rowland, Fytton

A&I, full text, and open access: prophecy from the trenches
Author: Wagner, A. Ben

Scholarly Publishing Practice 3: Academic Journals Publishers' Policies and Practices in Online Publishing
Author: Green, Toby

Handbook on Book Paper and the Environment
Author: Richmond, Carole

Author-perceived Quality Characteristics of Science, Technology and Medicine (STM) Journals
Author: Murphy, Kevin

Vol. 21 N°4 2008
What do our readers want? Results of the 2008 reader survey
Author: Fisher, Janet

Pricing and other means of charging for scholarly journals: a literature review and commentary
Authors: King, Donald W.; Alvarado-Albertorio, Frances M.

Journal article version nomenclature: the NISO/ALPSP recommendations
Author: Morgan, Cliff

China's copyright dilemma
Author: Thatcher, Sanford G.

Digital preservation: challenges and implementation
Author: Kirchhoff, Amy J.

Seeking balance: rights and exceptions in Section 108 of the US Copyright Act
Author: Givler, Peter

The evolution of Web-based peer-review systems
Authors: Tananbaum, Greg; Holmes, Lyndon

Peer review and its contribution to manuscript quality: an Australian perspective
Author: Lu, Yanping

The publisher's role in promoting peer review
Author: Raphael, Ellen

Event knowledge: a biomedical resource (r)evolution
Authors: Illig, Joshua B.; Sampson, David

Are indexes worth it? Evidence from book reviews
Author: Dartnall, Jean

Citation Statistics
Author: Singleton, Alan

SPEC Kit 299: Scholarly Communication Education Initiatives, August 2007 and SPEC Kit 300: Open Access Resources, September 2007
Author: Smart, Pippa

Vol. 21 N°3 2008
The tiger in the corner
Author: Morris, Sally

Is the answer still in the machine: do publishers need digital rights management?
Authors: Calow, Duncan; Egan, Rebecca

Library systems in the electronic era
Author: Bley, Robert

Giving new life to out-of-print books: when publishers' and libraries' interests meet
Authors: Vandooren, Françoise; Gass, Cécile

Usage statistics for Big Deals: supporting library decision-making
Author: Bucknell, Terry

Oxford Journals' adventures in open access
Author: Bird, Claire

Expressions of concern and their uses
Authors: Noonan, Bridget M.; Parrish, Debra

Trends in journal prices: an analysis of selected journals, 2000-2006
Authors: Creaser, Claire; White, Sonya

Author perceptions of journal quality
Authors: Regazzi, John J.; Aytac, Selenay

Developing Open Access Journals: A Practical Guide - David Solomon
Author: Peters, Paul

Scholarship in the Digital Age: Information, Infrastructure and the Internet - Christine Borgman
Author: Oppenheim, Charles

Vol. 21 N°2 2008
The NIH mandate - we're not in Kansas any more
Author: Markwood, Priscilla

Trends in the use of ISI citation databases for evaluation
Author: Pringle, James

Access to knowledge in the digital era
Author: Koskinen-Olsson, Tarja

A day in the life of an academic chemist
Author: Jabri, Evelyn

Knowledge bases: improving the information supply chain
Author: Rapple, Charlie

Journals at bepress: new twists on an old model
Authors: Perciali, Irene; Edlin, Aaron

Extending the concept of publication: factbases and knowledgebases
Author: Sandewall, Erik

Testing usage-based e-journal pricing
Authors: Harwood, Paul; Prior, Albert

Evolution of open access publishing in Chinese scientific journals
Authors: Cheng, Weihong; Ren, Shengli

Adventures in open data
Author: Tananbaum, Greg

Book Review
Author: Oppenheim, Charles