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Technological Forecasting and Social Change

Volume 77, Issue 6,  Julio 2010
Two Special Sections: Risk and Technology Addressing Deep Uncertainty Using Adaptive Policies

Volume 77, Issue 5,  Junio 2010
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Volume 77, Issue 4, Mayo 2010
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Volume 77, Issue 3, Marzo 2010
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Volume 77, Issue 2, Febrero 2010
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Volume 77, Issue 1, Enero 2010
Two Special Sections: Risk and Technology Addressing Deep Uncertainty Using Adaptive Policies

Volume 76, Issue 9
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Introduction: Future-oriented technology analysis — Impacts and implications for policy and decision making
Totti Könnölä, Jack Smith, Annele Eerola

Analysis for radical design
Scott W. Cunningham

The exploratory analysis of trade-offs in strategic planning: Lessons from Regional Infrastructure Foresight
E. Störmer, B. Truffer, D. Dominguez, W. Gujer, A. Herlyn, H. Hiessl, H. Kastenholz, A. Klinke, J. Markard, M. Maurer, A. Ruef

Integrating future-oriented technology analysis and risk assessment methodologies
Raija Koivisto, Nina Wessberg, Annele Eerola, Toni Ahlqvist, Sirkku Kivisaari, Jouko Myllyoja, Minna Halonen

The role of the technology barometer in assessing the performance of the national innovation system
Torsti Loikkanen, Toni Ahlqvist, Pekka Pellinen
The methodology combination of a national foresight process in Germany
Kerstin Cuhls, Amina Beyer-Kutzner, Walter Ganz, Philine Warnke

Scenario planning in public policy: Understanding use, impacts and the role of institutional context factors
Axel Volkery, Teresa Ribeiro

Reducing the democratic deficit in institutional foresight programmes: A case for critical systems thinking in nanotechnology
Denis Loveridge, Ozcan Saritas

Co-evolutionary scenarios: An application to prospecting futures of the responsible development of nanotechnology
Douglas K.R. Robinson

Technical note
Energy and nanotechnologies: Priority areas for Australia's future
Greg Tegart

From My Perspective
A 21st century crisis: Relearning some systems lessons
Harold A. Linstone

Call for Papers
When Technological Uncertainties Meet Social Uncertainties: Emerging Technologies in Emerging Markets
Shih-Chang Hung, Jian Gao, Mei-Chih Hu

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Volume 76, Issue 8

Editorial Board

Cumulative causation in the formation of a technological innovation system: The case of biofuels in the Netherlands
Roald A.A. Suurs, Marko P. Hekkert

Cycles in basic innovations
Bert de Groot, Philip Hans Franses

Conceptual niche management of grassroots innovation for sustainability: The case of body disposal practices in the UK
Adrian Monaghan

Ex ante identification of disruptive innovations in the software industry applied to web applications: The case of Microsoft's vs. Google's office applications
Andreas Keller, Stefan Hüsig

Value Driven Technology Road Mapping (VTRM) process integrating decision making and marketing tools: Case of Internet security technologies
David Fenwick, Tugrul U. Daim, Nathasit Gerdsri

Brownian agent-based technology forecasting
Juneseuk Shin, Yongtae Park

Cluster evolution of IC industry from Taiwan to China
Bi-Huei Tsai, Yiming Li
Logistic model-based forecast of sales and generation of obsolete computers in the U.S.
Yan Yang, Eric Williams

Citation network analysis of organic LEDs
Yuya Kajikawa, Yoshiyuki Takeda

Research note
From the relative to the absolute digital divide in developing countries
Jeffrey James

Erratum to “Business planning based on technological capabilities: Patent analysis for technology-driven roadmapping” [Technol. Forecast. Soc. Change 76 (2009) 769–786]
Sungjoo Lee, Byungun Yoon, Changyong Lee, Jinwoo Park

Erratum to “Tracking emerging technologies in energy research: Toward a roadmap for sustainable energy” [Technol. Forecast. And Soc. Change 75 (2008) 771–782]
Yuya Kajikawa, Junta Yoshikawa, Yoshiyuki Takeda, Katsumori Matsushima

Volume 76, Issue 7
Editorial Board

The UK technology foresight programme: An assessment of expert estimates
Felix Brandes

Foresight tools for participative policy-making in inter-governmental processes in developing countries: Lessons learned from the eLAC Policy Priorities Delphi
Martin Hilbert, Ian Miles, Julia Othmer

Assessing market penetration combining scenario analysis, Delphi, and the technological substitution model: The case of the OLED TV market
Fang-Mei Tseng, Ai-Chia Cheng, Yi-Nung Peng

Are experts better than potential users in predicting the uptake of an innovation? Extending the use of the Juster Scale
Margaret Faulkner, David R. Corkindale

The technological capabilities of nations: The state of the art of synthetic indicators
Daniele Archibugi, Mario Denni, Andrea Filippetti

Lock-in and break-out from technological trajectories: Modeling and policy implications
Wilfred Dolfsma, Loet Leydesdorff

A technology replacement model with variable market potential — An empirical study of CRT and LCD TV
Victor B. Kreng, Hsi Tse Wang

Volume 76, Issue 6

Editorial Board

The relative weight of manufacturing and services in Europe: An innovation perspective
Carolina Castaldi

Coevolutionary cycles of convergence: An extrapolation from the ICT industry
Fredrik Hacklin, Christian Marxt, Fritz Fahrni

Functionality development dynamism in a diffusion trajectory: A case of Japan's mobile phones development
Chihiro Watanabe, Koji Moriyama, Jae-Ho Shin

Monitoring the organic structure of technology based on the patent development paths
Changwoo Choi, Yongtae Park

Business planning based on technological capabilities: Patent analysis for technology-driven roadmapping
Sungjoo Lee, Byungun Yoon, Changyong Lee, Jinwoo Park

Booming or emerging? China's technological capability and international collaboration in patent activities
Zhenzhong Ma, Yender Lee, Chien-Fu Patrick Chen

A comparison of the spatial distribution of innovative activities in China and the U.S.
Fengchao Liu, Yutao Sun

Modelling a dynamic market potential: A class of automata networks for diffusion of innovations
Renato Guseo, Mariangela Guidolin

International diffusion of embodied and disembodied technology: A network analysis approach
Hsin-Yu Shih, Tung-Lung Steven Chang

A new definition and framework for the development of a national technology strategy: The case of nanotechnology for Iran
Sepehr Ghazinoory, Ali Divsalar, Abdol S. Soofi

Establishment and embedding of innovation brokers at different innovation system levels: Insights from the Dutch agricultural sector
Laurens Klerkx, Cees Leeuwis

Technical Note
The changing role of science in the innovation process: From Queen to Cinderella?
João Caraça, Bengt-Åke Lundvall, Sandro Mendonça