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La colección de publicaciones especializadas de la Biblioteca de CONICYT, abarca las áreas de política científica, divulgación científica y ciencias de la información. También cuenta con importantes revistas relativas a las áreas de economía y educación.


Vol. 48, N° 2  Junio de 2010
How Technological Platforms Reconfigure Science-Industry Relations: The Case of Micro- and Nanotechnology
Martina Merz, Peter Biniok

A Fish out of Water? Management Consultants in Academia
Kathia Serrano, Velarde

Virology Experts in the Boundary Zone Between Science, Policy and the Public: A Biographical Analysis
Erwin van Rijswoud

Pooling Resources for Excellence and Relevance: An Evolution of Universities as Multi-Scalar Network Organisations
Fumi Kitagawa

The Academic Spin-Offs as an Engine of Economic Transition in Eastern Europe. A Path-Dependent Approach
Ivan Tchalakov, Tihomir Mitev, Venelin Petrov

Vol. 48, N° 1 Marzo de 2010
Universities in the New Knowledge Landscape: Tensions, Challenges, Change—An Introduction
Andrea Bonaccorsi • Cinzia Daraio • Aldo Geuna

University and Business Relations: Connecting the Knowledge Economy
J. Stanley Metcalfe

Assessing Quality and Evaluating Performance in Higher Education: Worlds Apart or Complementary
Claudia S. Sarrico,  Maria J. Rosa, Pedro N. Teixeira,  Margarida F. Cardoso

Is Inequality Among Universities Increasing? Gini Coefficients and the Elusive Rise of Elite Universities
Willem Halffman, Loet Leydesdorff

Patterns of Subject Mix in Higher Education Institutions: A First Empirical Analysis Using the AQUAMETH Database
Benedetto Lepori, Lukas Baschung, Carole Probst

Roberto Scazzieri and Raffaella Simili (eds.): The Migration of Ideas Science History Publications, Sagamore Beach, 2008
Mark Walker

Vol. 47  N° 4  diciembre de 2009
Towards a Culture of Application: Science and Decision Making at the National Institute of Standards & Technology
Nathaniel Logar

Follow the Money: Engineering at Stanford and UC Berkeley During the Rise of Silicon Valley
Stephen B. Adams

On Commodification and the Governance of Academic Research
Merle Jacob

The Snowbird Charrette: Integrative Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Environmental Research Design
Edward J. Hackett • Diana R. Rhoten

The Typology of the Game that American, British, and Danish Crop and Plant Scientists Play
Mercy W. Kamara

Richard Whitley, Jochen Gla¨ser (eds.), The Changing Governance of the Sciences. The Advent of Research
Evaluation Systems. Sociology of the Sciences Yearbook Springer, Dordrecht, 2007, 26 pp
Jurgen Enders

Michele Lamont, How Professors Think: Inside the Curious World of Academic Judgement Harvard University Press, 2009, £20.95, E 25.20, $27.95
Richard Whitley

Vol 47 N° 3 Septiembre 2009
Editorial for Issue 47/3
Understanding the Forms of Government in Today’s Liberal and Democratic Societies: An Introduction
Dominique Pestre

Isabelle Bruno

Mariachiara Tallacchini

Alain Desrosières

Irwin Feller

Vol 47 N° 2 2009
Containing the Atom: Sociotechnical Imaginaries and Nuclear Power in the United States and South
Sheila Jasanoff and Sang-Hyun Kim

Moral Economies in Science: From Ideal to Pragmatic
Janet Atkinson-Grosjean and Cory Fairley

Boundary-Work in the Health Research Field: Biomedical and Clinician Scientists’ Perceptions of Social Science Research
Mathieu Albert, Suzanne Laberge and Brian D. Hodges

‘Partnership’ in Action: Contagious Abortion and the Governance of Livestock Disease in Britain, 1885–1921
Abigail Woods

‘We Have to Go Where the Money Is’—Dilemmas in the Role of Nutrition Scientists: An Interview Study
Anna Paldam Folker, Lotte Holm and Peter Sandøe
Vol 47 N° 1 2009
The Governance of University Knowledge Transfer: A Critical Review of the Literature
Aldo Geuna and Alessandro Muscio

Editorial for Issue 47/1
Peter Weingart

Rethinking Polanyi’s Concept of Tacit Knowledge: From Personal Knowing to Imagined Institutions
Tim Ray

Lawrence M. Principe (ed.), Chymists and Chymistry. Studies in the History of Alchemy and Early Modern Chemistry
Chemical Heritage Foundation and Science History Publications/USA a Division of Watson Publishing International LLC, Sagamore Beach, MA, 2007, xiv + 274 pp. ISBN: 978-0-88135-396-9
Ferdinando Abbri

The Rise and Fall of the Science Advisor to the President of the United States
Roger Pielke and Roberta Klein

Bureaucratization in Public Research Institutions
Mario Coccia

Implanting a Discipline: The Academic Trajectory of Nuclear Engineering in the USA and UK
Sean F. Johnston
Vol 46 N° 4 2008
A Geohistorical Study of ‘The Rise of Modern Science’: Mapping Scientific Practice Through Urban Networks, 1500–1900
Peter J. Taylor, Michael Hoyler and David M. Evans

Internationalisation, Mobility and Metrics: A New Form of Indirect Discrimination?
Louise Ackers

The U.S. Radium Industry: Industrial In-house Research and the Commercialization of Science
Maria Rentetzi

Directed Evolution: A Historical Exploration into an Evolutionary Experimental System of Nanobiotechnology, 1965–2006
Eun-Sung Kim

Review of Roger S. Pielke, Jr., The Honest Broker : Making Sense of Science in Policy and Politics
Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2007
Mark B. Brown

Maasen, Sabine and Sutter, Barbara (eds): On Willing Selves: Neoliberal Politics vis-à-vis the Neuroscientific Challenge
Palgrave MacMillan, Hampshire and New York, 2007, 234 pp. ISBN: 0-230-01343-8
Robyn Smith

Information for Authors
Vol 46 N° 3 2008
Search Regimes and the Industrial Dynamics of Science
Andrea Bonaccorsi

Livin’ with the MTA
Philip Mirowski

In the Shadow of Schumpeter: W. Rupert Maclaurin and the Study of Technological Innovation
Benoît Godin

A History of Universalism: Conceptions of the Internationality of Science from the Enlightenment to the Cold War
Geert J. Somsen

Michael L. Gross, Bioethics and Armed Conflict: Moral Dilemmas of Medicine and War
The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 2006, xv + 384 pp. ISBN:0-262-07269-6, ISBN:0-262-5722-5
Michael J. Selgelid

Review: Re-Reading Max Weber
Sam Whimster, Understanding Weber, Routledge, London and New York, 2007, x + 296 pp, ISBN: 980-415-37076-9
Thomas M. Kemple
Vol 46 N° 2 2008
Peter Weingart

Introduction: Science, Politics, Philosophy and History
Patrick Petitjean

Mysticism and Marxism: A.S. Eddington, Chapman Cohen, and Political Engagement Through Science Popularization
Matthew Stanley

The Complementarity Between the Collective and the Individual
Rosenfeld and Cold War History of Science
Anja Skaar Jacobsen

The Early History of David Bohm’s Quantum Mechanics Through the Perspective of Ludwik Fleck’s Thought-Collectives
Christian Forstner

Value-Laden Science: Jan Burgers and Scientific Politics in the Netherlands
Geert J. Somsen

The Joint Establishment of the World Federation of Scientific Workers and of UNESCO After World War II
Patrick Petitjean

Review: Past–Present–Future: The ETH Zurich
Wilhelm Krull

Essay Review: Assessing and Managing Environmental Risks
Rochelle Christian
Vol 46 N° 1 2008
Decoupling Policy and Practice: How Life Scientists Respond to Ethics Education
Laurel Smith-Doerr

Serving Science and the State: Mining Science in France, 1794–1810
Isabelle Laboulais

China Looks Abroad: Changing Directions In International Science
Ang Xu

Balfour’s Mission to Palestine: Science, Strategy, and the Inauguration of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem
Roy Macleod

The ‘All-Knowing’ Japanese State? New Scholarship on Medicine, Science, Technology, and Industrial Relations
Janice Matsumura

Constructivism Between Transcendentalism and Convention
C.A. Hooker

Just Don’t Call It Science
Christopher Hamlin

‘Nine O’clock and All’s Well’, or ‘Fire, Fire, The Library’s Burning’: The Future of the Academic Library
Michael Moss

The Riddle of the Valley
Roger L. Geiger

When Philosophy Of Science Counts
Oren Harman

Flash Trash
Ian Rae

Science, Markets, And The Law
Julie Bouchard

Moral minds
Steve Clarke

Pathways in Intellectual Property
Paul Israel

For-Profit And Non-Traditional Higher Education In The Wild, Wild West
Amy Scott Metcalfe

Heyday of the Boffins
Alex Roland

The Conquest Of Nature
Eagle Glassheim

Degrees of Influence: The Politics of Honorary Degrees in the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, 1900–2000
Michael Heffernan and Heike Jöns