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La colección de publicaciones especializadas de la Biblioteca de CONICYT, abarca las áreas de política científica, divulgación científica y ciencias de la información. También cuenta con importantes revistas relativas a las áreas de economía y educación.

Social Studies of Science SSS

Vol 40 N° 4 Agosto 2010
Complexity and accountability: The witches' brew of psychiatric genetics
Michael Arribas-Ayllon, Andrew Bartlett and Katie Featherstone

The business of expectations: How promissory organizations shape technology and innovation
Neil Pollock and Robin Williams

RFID 'Theatre of the proof': Product launch and technology demonstration as corporate practices
Elena Simakova

Editor's note: Two papers on Latour and mediation
SAGE Publications

Latour's Heidegger
Jeff Kochan

Coming out as a philosopher
Bruno Latour

Is the focus on health-related behaviours a new phenomenon?
Signild Vallgårda

Is the focus on health-related behaviours a new phenomenon? Reply to Vallgårda (2010)
David Armstrong

Review Essay: Sociological reflexivity in action : Pierre Bourdieu, Sketch for a Self-analysis (Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press, 2008), translated  by Richard Nice
Yves Gingras

Review Essay: Inclusion by numbers: New biomedical subjects and biopolitical citizens : Jeremy A. Greene, Prescribing by Numbers: Drugs and the Definition of Disease (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2007)
Sergio Sismondo

Review: Cat's cradle with Donna Haraway : Donna Haraway, When Species Meet (University of Minnesota Press, 2008)
Eileen Crist

Obituary. Susan Leigh Star (1954-2010)
Ellen Balka

Vol. 40 N° 3 Junio 2010
Michael Lynch

Eloquence and incommensurability: An investigation into the grammar of irreconcilable differences
Javier Lezaun

False numbers as formalizing practices
Martha Lampland

Responsibility and nanotechnology
Elise McCarthy and Christopher Kelty

Parenting and research productivity: New evidence and methods
Laura A. Hunter and Erin Leahey

Research Note: From co-location to co-presence: Shifts in the use of ethnography for the study of knowledge
Anne Beaulieu

Review Essay: A sociology of formal logic? : Claude Rosental, Weaving Self-Evidence: A Sociology of Logic (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University  Press, 2008), 296 pp. £59.00/78.99/$85.00; ISBN 978-0-691-13741-4 (cloth); £16.95/19.99/$24.95; ISBN 978-0-691-13940-1 (pbk). Translated from French by Catherine Porter. Originally published in French as La trame de l'évidence (Paris: Presses Universitaires de France, 2003)
Christian Greiffenhagen

Book Review: Social studies of evaluation : Michèle Lamont, How Professors Think: Inside the Curious World of Academic Judgment (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2009)
Claude Rosental

How Professors Think: Inside the Curious World of Academic Judgment,  Book Review: Arriving at norms of scholarly judgment : Michèle Lamont (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2009)
Saul Fisher

Vol. 40 N° 2 Abril 2010
Bioethics and the Reinforcement of Socio-technical Expectations
Adam Hedgecoe

The Problem with Pluto : Conflicting Cosmologies and the Classification of Planets
Lisa R. Messeri

Negotiating Exclusion : MSM, Identity, and Blood Policy in the Age of AIDS
Jessica Martucci

From Road to Lab to Math : The Co-evolution of Technological, Regulatory, and Organizational Innovations for Automotive Crash Testing
Paul M. Leonardi

Astrid Schrader

From 'Ivory Tower Traditionalists' to 'Entrepreneurial Scientists'? : Academic Scientists in Fuzzy University --Industry Boundaries
Alice Lam

Obituary : David Charles Gooding (1947--2009)
Michael E. Gorman

Vol. 40 N° 1 Febrero 2010
Michael Lynch

Bad Weather On Planetary Crisis
Joseph Masco

The Future is Now Diegetic Prototypes and the Role of Popular Films in Generating Real-world Technological Development
David Kirby

A Praxeology of 'Voting' in Peer Review
Stefan Hirschauer

Nations at Ease with Radical Knowledge : On Consensus, Consensusing and False Consensusness
Maja Horst and Alan Irwin

Contrastive Explanation and the 'Strong Programme' in the Sociology of Scientific Knowledge
Jeff Kochan

Dr Fleck Fighting Fleck Typhus
George M. Weisz

The Social History of Research on an Early Human Fossil : Marianne Sommer, Bones and Ochre: The Curious Afterlife of the Red Lady of Paviland (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2007)
Matthew R. Goodrum

Vol. 39 N°6 2009
Mark Peter Jones
Entrepreneurial Science: The Rules of the Game

Edmund Ramsden
Confronting the Stigma of Eugenics: Genetics, Demography and the Problems of Population

Ulf Mellström
The Intersection of Gender, Race and Cultural Boundaries, or Why is Computer Science in Malaysia Dominated by Women?

David Armstrong
Origins of the Problem of Health-related Behaviours: A Genealogical Study

Gerhard Sonnert
Parents Who Influence Their Children to Become Scientists: Effects of Gender and Parental Education

Leemon McHenry
Ghosts in the Machine: Comment on Sismondo

Sergio Sismondo
Ghosts in the Machine: Reply to McHenry (2009)

Steven Epstein
Review: Health, Materiality, and the Politics of Office Work: Michelle Murphy, Sick Building Syndrome and the Problem of Uncertainty: Environmental Politics,Technoscience, andWomenWorkers (Duke University Press, 2006), x + 253 pp., £15.99/$22.95 (pbk), £58.00/$79.95 (hbk). ISBN 0-8223-3671-5 (pbk), 0-8223-3659-6 (hbk).

Stuart Blume
Obituary: Olga Amsterdamska Moore (1953—2009)

Vol. 39 N°5 2009
Alberto Cambrosio, Peter Keating, Thomas Schlich, and George Weisz
Biomedical Conventions and Regulatory Objectivity: A Few Introductory Remarks

Tiago Moreira, Carl May, and John Bond

Regulatory Objectivity in Action: Mild Cognitive Impairment and the Collective Production of Uncertainty

Vololona Rabeharisoa and Pascale Bourret

Staging and Weighting Evidence in Biomedicine: Comparing Clinical Practices in Cancer Genetics and Psychiatric Genetics
Linda F. Hogle

Pragmatic Objectivity and the Standardization of Engineered Tissues

Patrick Castel

What’s Behind a Guideline?: Authority, Competition and Collaboration in the French Oncology Sector
Teun Zuiderent-Jerak

Competition in the Wild: Reconfiguring Healthcare Markets
Laurent Thévenot

Postscript to the Special Issue: Governing Life by Standards: A View from Engagements
Vol. 39 N°4 2009
Morana Alac
Moving Android: On Social Robots and Body-in-Interaction

Theodore P. Gerber and Deborah Yarsike Ball
Scientists in a Changed Institutional Environment: Subjective Adaptation and Social Responsibility Norms in Russia

John Abraham and Courtney Davis
Drug Evaluation and the Permissive Principle: Continuities and Contradictions between Standards and Practices in Antidepressant Regulation

P. Wenzel Geissler and Ruth J. Prince

Active Compounds and Atoms of Society: Plants, Bodies, Minds and Cultures in the Work of Kenyan Ethnobotanical Knowledge

Vol. 39 N°3 2009
Ronald Kline
Where are the Cyborgs in Cybernetics?

Samer Alatout

Bringing Abundance into Environmental Politics: Constructing a Zionist Network of Water Abundance, Immigration, and Colonization
Nicolas Langlitz

Pharmacovigilance and Post-Black Market Surveillance
Michael S. Carolan

Ethanol versus Gasoline: The Contestation and Closure of a Socio-technical System in the USA
Wally Smith

Theatre of Use: A Frame Analysis of Information Technology Demonstrations
Anna Geltzer

Review: The Dilemmas of Drug Testing

Vol. 39 N°2 2009

Sergio Sismondo
Ghosts in the Machine: Publication Planning in the Medical Sciences
Raf de Bont

Between the Laboratory and the Deep Blue Sea: Space Issues in the Marine Stations of Naples and Wimereux
Heiner Fangerau

From Mephistopheles to Isaiah: Jacques Loeb, Technical Biology and War
Boaz Miller

What Does it Mean that PRIMES is in P?: Popularization and Distortion Revisited
Roy Wagner

Mathematical Marriages: Intercourse Between Mathematics and Semiotic Choice
Adam Briggle

The Kass Council and the Politicization of Ethics Advice

Vol. 39 N°1 2009
Hyungsub Choi and Cyrus C.M. Mody
The Long History of Molecular Electronics: Microelectronics Origins of Nanotechnology
Barbara Prainsack and Martin Kitzberger

DNA Behind Bars: Other Ways of Knowing Forensic DNA Technologies
Rosa Medina-Doménech

Scientific Technologies of National Identity as Colonial Legacies: Extracting the Spanish Nation from Equatorial Guinea
Suzanne de Cheveigné

The Career Paths of Women (and Men) in French Research
Kathleen Montgomery and Amalya L. Oliver

Shifts in Guidelines for Ethical Scientific Conduct: How Public and Private Organizations Create and Change Norms of Research Integrity1

Vol. 38 N°6 2008
Elizabeth Popp Berman
Why Did Universities Start Patenting?: Institution-building and the Road to the Bayh-Dole Act
Petter G. Almklov

Standardized Data and Singular Situations
Kristin Asdal

Subjected to Parliament: The Laboratory of Experimental Medicine and the Animal Body
Jenny Marie

For Science, Love and Money: The Social Worlds of Poultry and Rabbit Breeding in Britain, 1900—1940
Olga Amsterdamska, Christian Bonah, Cornelius Borck, Johannes Fehr, Michael Hagner, Marcus Klingberg, Ilana Löwy, Martina Schlünder, Florian Schmaltz, Thomas Schnelle, Antke Tammen, Paul Weindling, and Claus Zittel

Medical Science in the Light of a Flawed Study of the Holocaust: A Comment on Eva Hedfors' Paper on Ludwik Fleck
Eva Hedfors

Medical Science in the Light of the Holocaust: Reply to a Biased Reading
Gabriel Stolzenberg

Review Essay: A Very Bad Argument: Paul Boghossian, Fear of Knowledge: Against Relativism and Constructivism (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 2005), 135 pp., £15.99/25.30/$24.95. ISBN 0—19928—718—X

Vol. 38 N°5 2008
Joan H. Fujimura, Troy Duster, and Ramya Rajagopalan
Introduction: Race, Genetics, and Disease: Questions of Evidence, Matters of Consequence
Anne Fausto-Sterling

The Bare Bones of Race
Duana Fullwiley

The Biologistical Construction of Race: `Admixture' Technology and the New Genetic Medicine
Jonathan Kahn

Exploiting Race in Drug Development: BiDil's Interim Model of Pharmacogenomics
Alondra Nelson

Bio Science: Genetic Genealogy Testing and the Pursuit of African Ancestry
Warwick Anderson

Teaching `Race' at Medical School: Social Scientists on the Margin
Steven Epstein

The Rise of `Recruitmentology': Clinical Research, Racial Knowledge, and the Politics of Inclusion and Difference

Vol. 38 N°4 2008
Morana Alac
Working with Brain Scans: Digital Images and Gestural Interaction in fMRI Laboratory
Jason A. Delborne

Transgenes and Transgressions: Scientific Dissent as Heterogeneous Practice
Wei Hong

Domination in a Scientific Field: Capital Struggle in a Chinese Isotope Lab
Katrina Dean, Simon Naylor, Simone Turchetti, and Martin Siegert

Data in Antarctic Science and Politics
Ibo Van de Poel
The Bugs Eat the Waste: What Else is There to Know?: Changing Professional Hegemony in the

Design of Sewage Treatment Plants
Sal Restivo and Rachel Dowty

Obituary: Bernard Barber and Mary Douglas

Vol 38 N°3 2008
Jennifer Alexander
Efficiencies of Balance: Technical Efficiency, Popular Efficiency, and Arbitrary Standards in the Late Progressive Era USA
Marybeth Long Martello

Arctic Indigenous Peoples as Representations and Representatives of Climate Change
Jamie Lorimer

Counting Corncrakes: The Affective Science of the UK Corncrake Census
Andrew Smart, Richard Tutton, Paul Martin, George T.H. Ellison, and Richard Ashcroft

The Standardization of Race and Ethnicity in Biomedical Science Editorials and UK Biobanks
Erin Leahey and Ryan C. Reikowsky

Research Specialization and Collaboration Patterns in Sociology
Bruno Latour

Review Essay: The Netz-Works of Greek Deductions
Adam Briggle

Review: Questioning Expertise Social Studies of Science 2008 38: 461-470.
Laurence R. Tancredi

Review: Political Cultures of Science Social Studies of Science 2008 38: 470-475.